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Year Round Ice Coffee Drinker, Queer Shtieger, Soup Clubber

Sarah is currently a second year Rabbinical School student at Hebrew College. She grew up in Florida and currently lives in Cambridge with her wife, Elana. As a child, Sarah felt a strong sense of Jewish identity but lacked formal ways to articulate her spiritual yearning. She immersed herself in Jewish life at The University of Florida while pursuing a BA in Forensic Anthropology. After spending a summer in Uganda as part of a volunteer program with AJWS and a semester abroad at the University of Haifa, Sarah was eager to continue her exploration of Judaism and Jewish Peoplehood. She moved to Jerusalem, where she spent two years learning at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, first as the Social Justice Fellow, and then on the Judaism and Conflict Resolution track. As a Pardes Fellow, Sarah organized volunteer opportunities and facilitated community-building programming. Her professional journey started at Encounter Programs, where she spent the next five years exploring the ways that Jewish American professionals and lay leadership engage with Palestinians. Sarah most recently worked for Honeymoon Israel (HMI) as the Director of Community Engagement in NYC, empowering young Jewish families to explore their relationships to Jewish community and identity.