Perhaps you’re wondering…

What makes IYUN different from other programs?

A lot of people offer world class, incredible Torah classes. In fact, experts and rabbis are more accessible than ever through online lectures and public events. We’re doing something different. We’re trying to build a chevra of people who really get to know each other, and we know from decades of experience that, interestingly, Torah is the best way to facilitate that. Also, we have a cooler looking logo.

Do I need experience with Hebrew or Torah? I never went to/been a while since /hated Hebrew School…

IYUN Circles are for an eclectic collection of folk. No prerequisite experience is necessary. Just a willingness and desire to learn, grow, and ask.

Do I have to wear a black hat or grow out a long beard to participate?

We usually wear jeans, but you do you.

But I’m so busy.

Oh, trust and believe, we get that. We really really get that. But you have to eat sometime, right? IYUN Circles often happen over a shared meal. And let’s be real, you have one hour once a week. This one’s for you.