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a Chevra

Avid Question-Asker, Reproductive Justice Enthusiast, Dedicated Swiftie

Tamara is thrilled to be, along with her husband Danny, building a vibrant, diverse, and explorative Jewish community on the Upper West Side. While originally from Sacramento, CA, Tamara has been living on the East Coast and in the Midwest for well over a decade, and is looking forward to adding New York City to her list of places she has been fortunate enough to call home.

Tamara is a lawyer who received her J.D. from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Tamara works as the Chief of Staff at Mayday Health, a non-profit that educates folks on medication abortion and how to access it in all 50 U.S. states. She is passionate about using her love of policy, law, operations, and strategic thinking to contribute to health equity and access, and feels privileged to have been given the opportunity to merge her passions with a career.

Tamara loves eating (and making!) sushi, traveling to visit friends and family, trying new Peloton workouts, and taking long walks on Shabbat with no destination in mind.